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Established in 2019, the Modern Ancient Brown Foundation supports and nurtures BIPOC artists and writers through the creation of a new Core Program housed in Detroit. Drawing upon the personal experience and journey as an artist of its founder, McArthur Binion, the Foundation is committed to build an organization and foster a culture that supports the work of black and indigenous / artists of color leading to the empowerment of these artists to tell their own stories and share their gifts.⁠ The Foundation’s Core Program will consist of a Visiting Fellowship, a Post-Baccalaureate Artist Residency, and a collection of international BIPOC art with a resident Curator.

2023 sees the launch of the Foundation’s Core Program consisting of the Modern Ancient Brown Visiting Fellowship and the Post-Baccalaureate Residency in Studio Art and Critical Studies. Each year four Visiting Fellows and two Post-Baccalaureate Residencies in Studio Art (all disciplines) will be chosen.

The Visiting Fellowship is open to scholars, thinkers, writers in all aspects of the arts in performance / art writing / critical studies / curating / film / music / creative writing in the broadest sense. Each year four Fellows will be chosen. The Foundation seeks to encourage emerging (including ABD) and established BIPOC scholars, thinkers, and writers both from within as well as outside the Academy whose practice involves research and creation. ⁠LEARN MORE >

Beginning in Summer 2023, Michael Stone-Richards, Executive Director of the Foundation, will inaugurate an annual intensive three-week Seminar in Critical Practice open to artists and writers whose practice engages embodied theoretical or philosophical reflection. This Seminar will work as a means of deepening participants’ knowledge of critical theory as itself a form of practice. The Seminar will also be a means of engaging with advanced aspects of critical theory through the work of Michael Stone-Richards and invited guests (theorists, artists, writers, social practitioners). The Seminar in Critical Practice will make significant use of the artistic and social ecologies of the City of Detroit. ⁠LEARN MORE >

With the completion of his Detroit Studio, McArthur Binion will return to the classroom as a mentor / instructor through a Seminar Program. This will be 2-3 days of a graduate-style seminar, housed in the Foundation’s Southwest Detroit location. Selected visual artists will participate in an intensive seminar and critique process with McArthur and other special guests. ⁠LEARN MORE >

As part of its developing Core Program the Modern Ancient Brown Foundation will develop a Post-Baccalaureate Residency in Studio Art and Critical Studies. Each year, two Post-Baccalaureate Artists in Residency will be chosen for a five-month residency. The Foundation wants to support studio practitioners as well as artists seeking to develop their work in dialogue with Critical Studies. As a part of the Core Program, the Post-Baccalaureate Residents will have access to our 1,000 sq ft studio space located in Southwest Detroit. Each year one Resident will be chosen from Detroit and one Resident will be chosen from a national pool. LEARN MORE >

The Modern Ancient Brown Foundation's inaugural MAB ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Artist Campaign, in contemplation of the Foundation’s mission; was created to support the intersection of the literary and⁠ visual arts, we know that for us those connections begin here in Detroit.


Heavily influenced by McArthur’s personal experiences, and journey as an artist, it is important to us to build an organization that not only supports the work of black, indigenous and artists of color — but also empowers them to tell their own stories.⁠


The Foundation’s board of directors initially selected 5 artists to award a $1500, unrestricted micro grant, and the ability to “pay it forward” by granting an additional $1500 to another member of the Detroit arts community. Every cycle the foundation identifies 5 new artists that then Pay-It-Forward to another member of the Detroit Arts Community. ⁠MEET THE ARTISTS >


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