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Established in 2019, the Modern Ancient Brown Foundation, endeavors to support the intersection between the visual and literary arts in the Detroit community. As well as elevating the city as a hub and resource for the artistic exploration of contemporary artists.

The Modern Ancient Brown Foundation's inaugural MAB ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Artist Campaign, in contemplation of the Foundation’s mission; was created to support the intersection of the literary and⁠ visual arts, we know that for us those connections begin here in Detroit.


Heavily influenced by McArthur’s personal experiences, and journey as an artist, it is important to us to build an organization that not only supports the work of black, indigenous and artists of color — but also empowers them to tell their own stories.⁠


The Foundation’s board of directors initially selected 5 artists to award a $1500, unrestricted micro grant, and the ability to “pay it forward” by granting an additional $1500 to another member of the Detroit arts community. Every cycle the foundation identifies 5 new artists that then Pay-It-Forward to another member of the Detroit Arts Community. ⁠MEET THE ARTISTS >

In August of 2021, McArthur Binion will return to the classroom as a mentor/instructor for the Fall Seminar program. Conceptualized as a 2-3 day graduate-style seminar, and housed in the Foundation’s Southwest Detroit location, 8 selected visual artists will participate in an intensive seminar and critique process with McArthur and other special guests. Participants will also be invited to participate in the Foundation’s studio residency program.  


In the Fall of 2021, the Modern Ancient Brown Foundation will launch its inaugural Studio Residency Program with the intention of serving undergraduate art students in the Detroit area. 8 graduates from the Studio Seminar Program, will be granted the opportunity for a 3 month, all expenses paid, rotation in the Foundation’s studio space. Programmed in teams of 2, the 8 artists will rotate through the space in 3 months terms, while receiving a stipend for materials and studio supplies for a full calendar year. During this time, they are encouraged to produce new work, and gain mentorship from McArthur and other special guests as they further deepen their practice. APPLY >


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