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The Core Program of the  Modern Ancient Brown Foundation consists of a Visiting Fellowship and a  Post-Baccalaureate Residency in Studio Art and Critical Studies. We are seeking to appoint four Visiting Fellows and four Post-Baccalaureate Residencies in Studio Art (all disciplines) during 2024-2025.

The Foundation seeks to support emerging (including ABD) and established BIPOC scholars, thinkers, and writers both from within as well as outside the Academy whose practice involves research and creation in all aspects of the arts in performance / art writing / critical studies / curating / film / music / creative writing in the broadest sense.  Each Fellow will be provided with the following: air travel to and from Detroit; an apartment and study space for the duration of their stay [between 4 and 6 weeks] located in a renovated church rectory in the East Village neighborhood of Detroit; a stipend of $5000 - $7,500 [depending on the length of stay between 4 and 6 weeks]; a per diem [$500 pw]; and assistance with local library facilities. Should they wish, Fellows will have ample opportunities, facilitated as appropriate by the Foundation, to interact with the broader Metro-Detroit community of artists, writers, curators, and scholars. The minimal commitment asked of each Fellow will involve: a seminar at the Foundation about their work with an invited audience; participation in one dinner conversation curated by the Foundation with with input from the Fellow; permission to publish some of the work undertaken at the Foundation in the Foundation’s annual publication of work by Fellows and invited participants; and finally, we ask that the Foundation be acknowledged upon publication of work supported by the Foundation. The application cycle is open: deadline February 23, 2024; results announced in April 2024.

Application portal opens: January 3, 2024

Application deadline: February 23, 2024

Application package:

You should submit your completed application in PDF to the Foundation’s Slideroom.

Any inquiries can be made to

Your application must include the following:

  1. A current curriculum vitae.

  2. Statement of purpose (500 - 750 words). This should consist of an outline of your proposal and what you hope to achieve in the given time. Please place your proposal within the larger scheme of your developing project if applicable.

  3. A work sample (writing - score - 10 mins of film or sound, etc.) of approximately 15 pages.

  4. Names and contact details (emails) of three referees who have agreed to write on your behalf. DO NOT SUBMIT REFERENCES.



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